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Helthan is an online, lifestyle, fitness, and healthcare media publishing website. Our health care and lifestyle environment motivate people to take a dynamic role in participating in their lifestyle and healthcare-related decision making as well as managing their health.

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We offer in-depth, easy-to-read, and authoritative information for people through our robust, interactive, and user-friendly website. Here, you will find evidence-based responses to your most pressing healthcare and lifestyle questions.

Our Team

Given the extent of the amount plus application of health and lifestyle information, along with its considerable impact on people’s lifestyle and lifestyle decisions, as well as their general approach to maintaining fitness and health, this website provides consumer-perceived quality lifestyle and healthcare information applied to people making informed decisions.

Andrew Wanjara

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew is passionately engaged in the teaching and practice of general health and psychotherapy. Besides, he is an active teacher, supervisor, and mentor. He is a graduate of Kaplan University and a mentor and supervisor in the university’s Health and Lifestyle Training Program. Andrew is a licensed professional specializing in health and lifestyle, including stress reduction, health behavior change, weight management, obesity, and eating behaviors. He uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help people in behavioral changes that will enhance happier and healthier lives. Andrew attained an MBA in Healthcare Management from Arizona State University. He also earned his medical degree from Walden University. He is a graduate of Kaplan University.

He is thrilled to get involved with Helthan in its mission to offer accessible and accurate information concerning health and lifestyle issues to all people. This is a particularly crucial moment that the info available to the people comprehending their lifestyle is clear, factual, and contextually beneficial.


Coleen Josphat


Coleen Josphat started working as a health and lifestyle professional in 2013. As a licensed healthcare worker, she assisted adults, children, and teens build the strength they required to attain their greatest potential. She helps people to establish strategies that can assist them to feel, think, as well as do their best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She manages new production of content and works on projects that cover the most crucial issues involving health and lifestyle. Josphat attained her Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness Management from Ashford University and her master’s from Walden University. She is also a go-to professional in the nutrition field.

Josphat is a trusted and compassionate professional who offers the guidance you require to improve your health and lifestyle as well as find balance. Josphat’s teachings merge the mental and physical yoga practices with meditation and mindfulness practices that can get applied both off and on the yoga mat to improve your well-being. Her mission is to assist you to awaken to your limitless potential.