Moving to Wellness and Practicing Body Neutrality

Most individuals want to feel happy and energized as well as have a vitality sense. Wellness entails a healthy state and a flourishing past only not suffering from a disease. In this state, individuals feel inspired, open to challenge, confident, thirsty, and curious for action. Individuals who encounter wellness may look or seek to read a new storybook, hike a mountain, learn the way to play an instrument, and actively link with new friends, among others.

The most prevalent health issues facing people include stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Once individuals are suffering from these conditions, they tend to fall into the spectrum of the illness. Lifestyle factors that expose you to risk for suffering from these illnesses include substance use disorder, smoking, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, plus a diet full of processed foods, saturated fat, and sugar, along with artificial flavors. Besides, an unhealthy weight tends to be another aspect that exposes you to the risk of such disorders, particularly carrying extra weight.

What You Can Do for Your Body

Individuals of many shapes and sizes may be well and healthy, particularly once they get linked to a tranquil mind that tends to be practicing self-compassion, mindfulness, plus a growth mindset. Besides, a body that’s in the neutral state on the spectrum of wellness may move to the part and side of flourishing and thriving once healthy lifestyle habits get sustained and adopted, and this has nothing much to do with your body’s size and shape. Wellness is more than only physical health. Most wellness models comprise at least six dimensions and they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. And environmental.

The physical dimension nourishes a healthy body via nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc. The emotional dimension concerns being aware of, expressing your feelings, accepting, and comprehending other people’s feelings. The spiritual dimension deals with searching for meaning plus a higher purpose in the existence of humans. Besides, the mental dimension engages the world via problem-solving, learning, and creativity, among others. The social dimension entails engaging and connecting with other communities and people in expressive ways. Lastly, the environmental dimension comprises fostering positive interconnections between human actions and planetary health, well-being, and choices.

Neutrality movement of the body stresses the incredible actions, physiology, and functions of your body without regard for the way your body looks. You can smell, see, feel, taste, and hear. You can jump, sing, skip, dance, and hug. Your muscles have mitochondria and it gives you energy.

Your digestive system tends to be an excellent instance of the amazing body process. The digestive system contains billions of microbes that assist people to ferment fiber from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, as well as formulate short-chain fatty acids to help people with glucose metabolism, energy metabolism, immunity, inflammation, and lipid metabolism, among others.

Besides, your brains are linked to your bodies and they contain brain cells or neurons, connections or synapses, hormones, and neurochemicals that aid to safeguard brain cells as well as make fresh ones. Moving your body assists to raise these chemicals. Moreover, moving your body frequently helps you to augment serotonin, which may assist you to feel less depressed and anxious. Hugging surges oxytocin in your brain, which is a love hormone that helps you to have a sense of bonding and belonging.

Body Neutrality versus Body Positivity

Body positivity refers to a movement that tends to invite persons to appreciate the shape and size of the body they have without having to worry about unrealistic standards of the body. With body positivity, unhealthy standards of society for body sizes and shapes get challenged. Also, it is crucial to note that cultural standards plus what gets considered a perfect or ideal body transform with time.

The aim of body positivity tends to be appreciating and honoring all body types, particularly your body. Feeling self-confident about how you look is good and inspiring.

With neutrality of the body, the concentration is on your body’s function: finding fulfillment plus happiness, appreciating your muscles’ power, the strength of your bones, and the protection your skin provides system’s rewards in your brains. Linking with family and friends, attaining meaningful, small goals, as well as enjoying physical activity or exercise are healthy living ways to take care of your body. A concentration on looking for pleasure in the journey for wellness is going to serve your body and your brain.

Always Remember the Entire Things Your Body Can Do For You

  • Take deep breaths to cool and calm your mind
  • Transport you from a certain location to the other (slowly or swiftly)
  • Move your legs and arms with happiness after the beat and rhythm of the music
  • Conduct stretches that generate endorphins
  • Release neurochemicals that provide you pleasure, for instance, hugging a friend
  • Practice tai chi, qigong, and yoga, which help to calm the mind and body

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