Obesity in America

Obesity has increasingly surfaced as a threat to global society, and specifically, the United States has always been the threat’s breeding ground. Various causes lead to the start of obesity and children as well as in adults. The causes ought to get ascertained and effective preventive measures which tend to be available ought to get executed in a systematic way to make sure that obesity won't devour societies all over the world.

Obesity invites very many other upsetting ailments that are relatively potential for destroying obese people’s lives. Obesity and overweight-related health issues in kids as well as in teens may emerge in countless forms. Obese teens and children are prone to type 2 diabetes that kit a dangerous ailment for kids to have at an early life stage. In adults, obesity can lead to detrimental effects since obese adults tend to be prone to various diseases comprising stroke, coronary heart disease, abnormal blood fats, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, reproductive problems, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, gallons, and cancer. Lack of balance of energy is the major cause of obesity. The high-calorie intake, as well as its minimal utilization in various activities chiefly, leads to obesity. Besides, a high intake of fast food, carbonated drinks, junk foods, and a sedentary lifestyle, as well as binge-watching as one is watching TV, may lead to obesity (Nhlbi.nih.gov, 2017).

Obesity may get prevented in case some healthy regimes may get followed. Besides, following a health plan of eating, making healthy choices of food, keeping one’s calories requirements and the calories requirements of the family, as well as emphasizing sustaining the balance between the energy out and the energy in, a person may avert from obesity. Additionally, by minimizing screen time via limiting the utilization of computers, televisions, video games, and DVDs and thus, turning away from all the limitations for physical activities, a person may make sure that they have a healthy and obesity-free life.

Imbalanced habits of food are frequently the main causes of obesity plus as food habits get related to cultures/traditions, from the viewpoint of sociology’s symbolic interaction theory, obesity’s cause may get explained in this regard. It tends to be well-known that symbolic interaction theory tends to analyze society via addressing the skewed meanings that individuals impose on events, objects, and conducts. Subjective meanings get given primacy since it is trusted that individuals behave as per what they believe, but not what tends to be objectively true. Concerning this, it can get said that America’s popular food culture is based on carbonated beverages as well as fast foods. Many Americans tend to believe that sticking to such a culture of food may fit them to the typical American society, and due to this social viewpoint, they engage in fast food intake which makes end up being prone to obesity. Therefore, it may get said that obesity and culture are closely interrelated aspects.

In conclusion, obesity tends to be a public health issue that is increasingly taking an epidemic shape. Various causes are behind obesity’s instigation not only in children but also in adults. These causes ought to get ascertained and effective preventive measure which is available ought to get executed in systematic ways to make sure that obesity won't devour society all over the globe.


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